Effective waxing using Tea Tree Wax to minimise pain and prevent in-growing hairs.

½ Leg Wax                                                       £20.50

¾ Leg Wax                                                       £26.00

½ Leg and Bikini or Underarm Wax        £30.00

½ leg and Brazilian Wax                                £45.00

Full Leg Wax                                                   £35.00

Full Leg and Bikini Line and Underarm Wax   £46.00

Bikini Line or Underarm Wax                       £13.00

 Thong Wax                                                     £19.50

Brazilian / Hollywood Wax                            £29.50

Forearm Wax                                                  £18.00

Full Arm Wax                                                  £23.00

Lip or Chin Wax                                             £12.00

Chest or Back Wax                                        £23.50

Other waxing packages available on request.


Permanent removal of unwanted hair with diathermy.

15 mins                                                                     £18.00

Plasmalite IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Permanent hair removal for face, bikini or underarm.

 Lip x 6 treatments                                 £200.00

        Other facial areas                                    P.O.A

        Basic Bikini x 6 treatments                  £300.00

        Underarm x 6 treatments                    £250.00