Mary Cohr

One of the most respected names in professional beauty, Mary Cohr is used in premier skin clinics all over the world.  The range combines luxurious natural plant extracts and oils with liposomes, vitamin C and retinol with the latest scientific technology to create results unmatched in the skincare industry.

CatioVital Cellular Energy Facial

Personalised deep cleansing

Performed by certified Mary Cohr professionals, this facial is tailor-made, and available in 6 versions, based on the client’s beauty goals. After just one treatment, the face appears perfectly rested with a glowing complexion and new found radiance.

1 hour                                                       £68.00

CatioLift Facial


The CatioLift works deep down by stimulating facial muscles and restoring the skin’s tone. Includes exfoliation, lift, massage and masks. Features appear spectacularly ‘lifted’ and facial contours re-sculpted.

50 Mins                                                                      £62.00

Course of 10 treatments  ( 2 or 3 per week)  £485.00

CatioLift Express Facial


As above, but without the massage and mask.

30 mins                                                                    £40.00

Course of 10 treatments  ( 2 or 3 per week)  £340

CatioLift Deluxe Facial

Deep cleansing and anti-ageing

A combination of the CatioVital and CatioLift facials, to give you all the elements your skins needs to keep it cleansed, radiant and lifted.

1 hour 30 mins                                                      £76.00

Age Repair Facial


Specially designed to erase visible signs of ageing thanks to the unique, highly concentrated, pure Vitamin C and 56 active ingredients, which effectively boost cell activity. The hyaluronic acid contained in the massage serum, visibly fills in wrinkles and the mask releases pro-collagen to firm the skin. Following the treatment the skin appears visibly more youthful-looking and the signs of ageing are reduced.

1 hour                                                                        £70.00

Course of 3 treatments (1 per week)             £175.00

Eye Repair Treatment

Eye care

Specially developed for this sensitive area, the treatment targets dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. Concentrated active ingredients stimulate the cell renewal process, draining, toning and instantly lifting the eye contour area, leaving it more luminous and youthful.

40 mins                                                                    £46.00

Course of 3 treatments (1 per week)         £118.00

Peel and Lift Facial

Smoothing and brightening

With the ‘peeling effect of the gentle fruit acids recreating ‘new skin’, and the ‘lifting’ effect of the pure Vitamin C mask stimulating collagen production, the complexion looks radiant, dark spots are diminished and the skin regains its firm, youthful appearance

45 mins                                                                    £51.00

Course of 3 treatments (1 per week)            £130.00

Beauté Aromatique Facial


A personalised treatment using essential oils, which release their beneficial properties deep into the skin, reviving its vital functions. This is a truly relaxing facial for the mind, body and soul.

50 mins                                                                    £52.00



A deeply exfoliating treatment to improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation, leaving a smooth, younger looking complexion.

20 mins                                                                    £38.00

Microdermabrasion can be added to any of the above facials for £25.00